What Is Drugtrain

Drugtrain deliver high quality training solutions equipping people with the skills and knowledge to enable those affected by drug and alcohol problems to achieve a meaningful and fulfilling life.

We use creative, engaging and motivating techniques that equip the workforce with recovery and outcome focused interventions and systems.


Drugtrain was established as  the training arm of Barnsley Alcohol & Drugs Advisory Service ( BADAS), For many years Jan Mayor was the lead trainer and there are many people still working in the sector who found their way into employment through the accredited training for Drugworkers that Drugtrain offered. In 2010 BADAS lost its tender to deliver treatment services and  Drugtrain became a social enterprise which  continued to support BADAS until the charity closed in 2015. Drugtrain, owned by Roy Beresforth continued to deliver training until the company was closed in 2019. Drugtrain in its current form is now owned by James Pierce ( sole trader).

About James

James Pierce has worked in the Drug treatment sector for 16 years after completing an NOCN course delivered by  BADAS. This adult learning makes him passionate about lifelong learning and ensuring that the training that Drugtrain offers is up to date and of high quality and which challenges and  engages participants. James has particular interest in Harm Reduction approaches having spent many years working within Needle & Syringe Programmes.

He also has extensive experience working within hostels, as a homeless outreach worker, delivering resilience programmes to young people and more recently as a volunteer working at festivals and within Night Time Economy venues across the UK.